HeadHoods bricoolage

If you haven't noticed on the site, I now offer some of the classic styles. Instead of printing them on the hood, I am experimenting with sewing on preprinted and pre cut faces. Gives the hoods a more homemade and original feel. While experimenting in this manner, I get a lot of head scraps lying around like this. They make for interesting pieces. Reminds me of the collages I used to do with newsprint and wheatpaste in local bathrooms. I think I'll start putting some of these under plexi and call them art.

Happy New Hood

What better way to bring in the new year with Gumby.

Send me your hood.

I had the privilege of getting to revamp a nice Helmut Lang jacket the other week. It's fun to give old clothing a new life.

HeadHoods are getting sew cool.

You may have noticed that alot of the HeadHoods have sewn on faces these days. Not only do I feel these newly embellished are better looking and more authentic, they make life a little easier over here. This new method allows me to spend a little less time at the press and a little more time at the sewing machine, which is feeling pretty good these days. I'm looking forward to creating more of my HeadHoods in this manner and introducing reintroducing more and more styles. Sew Cool!

Art Show

Thank you Brooklyn's Living With Animals gallery for letting me hang my works for the month. Come visit! Will be up till the 19th of December. There is a vast array of affordable work still hanging.

Hanging around up in Chicago

thanks Jordan of 360 SEE gallery in Chicago for hanging some of HeadHoods latest in it's gallery.

HeadHoods has moved yet again

Yes, I know. I just can't seem to stay settled these days. I am currently still in Williamsburg at what used to be an old photo studio and the light is amazing. I am a little off the beaten path at Grand Street and Morgan Ave. I still very much like visitors and understand it isn't the easiest of places to get to. If you want to visit, shoot me an email and I'll do my best to arrange a time for you to come out!

Art Show

It's been a rather trying month keeping HeadHoods afloat during a recession in addition to my first solo art show. Let's just say I'm looking forward to November 19th. If you are reading this, I sure hope you can make it out to this event.

Hugo Arturi

Martha Ellen and I had the privilege of having some photos taken the other day by a good friend of mine Hugo Arturi. He used to work out of the space that I now work out of along with Henry Hargreaves. This is the very beginning of what we plan on being a fun collaboration of projects. It’ll be nice to leave my camera behind more and more and let a professional do some of the camera work!

Happy Hoody Days

As you can see, I did it again. I've been neglecting this blog like it's homework! My apologies. It's been a tough month of overhauling the new site while trying to get all the HeadHoods out the door in time for the Holidays. I'd like to think I did I a pretty decent job now that I look back. Wasn't easy!
Now that I'm in the midst of some much needed R & R in Pittsburgh, I can begin to plan for the upcoming year, which I must admit is going to be a good one for HeadHoods, me and you! Before going into details, I first want to thank all of you who have bought a HeadHood in the past. You doing so has kept me afloat through this tough economic year and has also kept me from crawling back to working for the man. Thank you thank you thank you and thank you.
When I get back to Brooklyn, I'm going to hit the ground running. I'll be running in a bunch of different directions similar to a chicken with it's headhood cut off! (Badum chshhh)
Most importantly I want to finalize this website by finishing off the different sections by posting the latest T shirt styles and making them available to you as well as the tote section, the print section and also the about section. (I have some other ideas, but I'm going to keep those secret for now!) I'll be keeping you better informed by updating this blog much more frequently.
How am I going to continue doing this all single handedly? I'm not! On top of seeking out an intern to help me for 2010 with HeadHoods Brooklyn, I will also be getting much needed help from my best and dearest friend Nate Guillard and his lovely wife Lisa Guillard who will be taking on the baby and kids line from their house in New Jersey! Nate and Lisa are probably two of the coolest and talented parents to walk this earth and I am honored to have them join the HeadHoods team! I will go in to much more detail in a later post to give you a better idea of what to expect in the coming months.
That's all for now. I wish you all a very happy new year and hope that you come back and visit the New and improved HeadHoods.